Saturday, July 30, 2011

Highlight on Services


Holistic Lactation Consulting in person or via skype or phone with a focus on complex feeding issues specific to normalizing milk supply, supporting babies in overcoming allergies and slow growth, maternal and infant gut health and healing, and evaluation and support for tongue-tie. –Intake 150euros/ $175. Follow up 60euros/$75 per hour.
Holistic Parenting Consults and Mentoring (via skype or telephone), including one-time consults (usually focused on nutrition or gut healing) as well as multi-week mentoring in supporting families in making overall lifestyle changes including nutrition and gut healing, integrating home remedies and other holistic practices. – One-time consult 175euros/$200, otherwise fee varies depending upon format.
Workshops for Parents on Raising Children Holistically
These can be done in person in a variety of ways, including a one-day introductory workshop, a two-day workshop that incorporates Nutrition, Home Remedies and Energy Medicine or over 3 full-day workshops. --Fee varies depending upon format.
Webinars for Parents on Raising Children Holistically are offered on an on-going basis via WizIQ (12 hours over 6 weeks) and incorporates Nutrition, Home Remedies and Energy Medicine-- $100
Sumati—Home Remedy KIT--$350
Raising Children Holistically Webinar (12 hours over 6 weeks) and incorporates Nutrition, Home Remedies and Energy Medicine) & Home Remedy KIT--$430
Raising Children Holistically Home Remedy personal tutorial (3 hours) & Home Remedy KIT--$475
Customized Webinars can be designed for small groups with individualized focus. Webinars for a group living in a geographic area is an ideal opportunity as it allows the group to continue to work together to facilitate more rapid growth and learning. Fee varies depending upon the material covered and the length of the webinar.
Webinars on Gut Health and Healing offers 3 participants at one time an opportunity to engage in a semi-private discussion (2 hours in length) specific to the needs of their own family while learning from the experience of others and reducing the cost of a private consult. 60euros/$75 per webinar per person.
Heal the Mother, Heal the Baby: Nutrition, Gut Health, the Enteric Nervous System & Breastfeeding
The internal terrain reflects itself in the external terrain in a myriad of ways that may well explain many breastfeeding problems. Gut health and integrity drives the nature of the enteric nervous system, thus the implications for well-being are significant. When the maternal body’s reaction to imbalance results in a pro-inflammatory response, a cascade of disease processes may result. Maternal health and well-being, post-partum depression, food allergies, milk supply, PCOS, tongue-tie, reflux, "high-need" infant behavior, slow growth, failure to thrive and numerous feeding difficulties may all find origins in the integrity and vitality of the mother’s internal terrain. In attending to the health of the maternal gut, while supporting the infant in his own healing, we may find that many breastfeeding problems are resolved both acutely and chronically. In a discussion of maternal gut health, the function of the enteric nervous system and the implications for infant gut integrity, we will come to a deeper understanding of why healing the mother's gut may well be integral to successfully addressing a wide array of breastfeeding difficulties.
Holistic Practices in Lactation: A 2-Day Workshop with Jennifer Tow, IBCLC
More and more mothers are interested in using non-pharmaceutical approaches for treating the most common physical and emotional concerns of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Practitioners who recognize the normalcy of birth and breastfeeding are well-equipped to support mothers in accessing and utilizing holistic approaches to care. Practitioners can easily gain basic knowledge and skills in homeopathy, energy medicine such as Bach Flowers and EFT, herbs, home remedies and nutrition specific to the needs of pregnant and nursing mothers. In using these therapies, mothers are offered an alternative to more interventive care, while the practitioner also models a holistic approach that the mother can integrate into her own care and the raising of her family.
These holistic approaches are simple and practical and can often be integrated immediately. Some are both preventive and therapeutic such as the use of nutrition in pregnancy, while others are deeply supportive such as the use of Bach Flowers or EFT. Most have acutely therapeutic applications such as the use of home remedies, herbs or homeopathy for treating mastitis or plugged ducts, normalizing milk supply or healing birth trauma.
Optimizing Human Potential Through Normalizing Infant Feeding
I have given this workshop at a wide variety of conferences, including those for lactation consultants, chiropractors, pre and perinatal psychologists and birth professionals. The workshop focuses on recognizing and healing compensatory feeding behaviors using an integrative approach designed to restore healthy function. There is an emphasis on healing birth trauma and detecting and treating tongue-tie, including the importance to structural work in normalizing function. A holistic approach to normalizing milk supply and addressing other breastfeeding problems in integrated into the case presentation.
Webinars, a book on Holistic Practices in Lactation, ebooks and a curriculum are currently in development.

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