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RAISING CHILDREN HOLISTICALLY Series: THREE Webinars: Cell Salts, Home Remedies & Bach Flowers

RAISING CHILDREN HOLISTICALLY Series: THREE Webinars: Cell Salts, Home Remedies & Bach Flowers


PREVIOUS REGISTRANTS: Take $10 Off the price of any workshop(s) at the time of your registration (does not apply to Three Webinar Discount)
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“When we learn a new language, we will always speak it with an accent, but for our children, it will become their native tongue.”– Unknown

Please join us for our first webinar on Schuessler’s Cell Salts. We will be presenting it as a two part lecture over two days: March 16 and 23, 2013 from 2pm-5pm EST.

Cell Salts or Tissue Salts belong to a branch of Homeopathic Medicine known as Biochemistry. The system is a bridge between homeopathy and nutrition. It was developed in the late 19th century by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. The 12 salts provide the basic building blocks for all cells in the human body. When they are out of balance, sickness can arise. Utilizing the 12 salts as tools we can bring the body back into balance and correct any deficiences/excesses that exist. The cell salts help our bodies maintain the homeostasis that is essential for our well-being.

In this course we will go over each salt individually and obtain an understanding of all 12--when to use them, how to use them and why you would choose one over another. We will also go over ailments specific to families, including prenatal care, birth, breastfeeding, teething, colds etc. This is a system that is used world wide and one of the first that families should acquaint themselves with. Unlike homeopathy which utilizes thousands of remedies and can be overwhelming, there are only 12 salts to learn. The webinar will deepen your understanding of each, allowing you to confidently use them to manage your family’s care.

Please plan to attend if possible so as to have your questions answered, but the webinars will be taped and available for two weeks after the presentation for pre-registrants ONLY.

Cell Salts Pricing:
2 Days: March 16, March 23, 2pm-5pm EST
First 20 Registrations: $75
Regular Price $95
Cell Salt KIT, regular $90, with webinar $70 including shipping--email for info (shipped directly from the vendor)

Anyone who has taken a prior Workshop in this Series, take $10 Off the price of any workshop(s) at the time of your registration (does not apply to Three Webinar Discount)

Our popular SELF-CARE & HOME REMEDIES Workshop and Sumati Home Remedy KIT (optional purchase):

In our culture, the concept of well-child care has trained us to rely on doctors to treat the simplest of ailments from coughs and colds, to stomach aches and insect bites. Yet, taking care of our own children – keeping them well and treating them ourselves– can be the most empowering of experiences. Choosing safe and effective remedies is usually quite simple with the proper information. We will discuss simple home remedies to address many of the most common ailments, drawing upon over twenty years of practical experience. Raising children with a holistic approach to well-being instills a confidence and attunement that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

We will be presenting it as a two part lecture over two days: April 6, April 13, 2013 from 2pm-5pm EST. Please plan to attend if possible so as to have your questions answered, but the webinars will be taped and available for two weeks after the presentation for pre-registrants ONLY who are in other time zones or who might miss any part of the presentation.

2 Days: April 6, April 13 2pm-5pmEST
First 20 Registrations: $75
Prior to March 16, Early Bird Price $95
Regular Price, $110
Sumati Home Remedy KIT, $395 plus $15 shipping (US, email address for international pricing), with webinar $380 plus shipping

Anyone who has taken a prior Workshop in this Series, take $10 Off the price of any workshop(3) at the time of your registration (does not apply to Three Webinar Discount)

Comments from previous presentations:

“The series was more helpful and informative than many of the ‘Holistic’ health books I’ve purchased over the years, and I do think what I learned was well-worth the time and expense. I recommend this series wholeheartedly, and feel anyone who is motivated to find alternative paths to wellness, or has many questions about the path they’ve already begun will find more than their money’s worth in this series." --– Liberty Liscomb, Families for Conscious Living, CT

“Buying the kit has made a huge difference in treating myself and my family. All the products are fantastic and we have the kit out all the time. I love being able to help teach my kids how to take responsibility for their own health.”
– Sabrina Granniss, IBCLC

"Jen's Sumati kit is an excellent and empowering collection of products and her class teaches one how to use them. There is nothing like making the salve to put on a cut or burn, providing relief for an upset stomach, or helping one find allusive sleep. It was an excellent investment that has more than paid for itself."...Amy Farber Monticello

"Jen also introduced me to wonderful alternative practitioners who have been vital to our health. The holistic first aid kit I purchased from her is used constantly and my family has been amazed at what we've accomplished with alternative medicine. I've only scratched the surface of all there is to learn but with Jennifer and the network of women she has set up, I am inspired to learn more all the time. "...Cori Roy Griswold

"I recently purchased Jen's Home Remedy Kit and took her intensive course on the use of the remedies. It has been absolutely life-changing! I use it on literally a daily basis-- for cuts and scrapes, bug bites, illnesses, stomach-aches, teething, everything imagineable! Even my medicine-loving husband swears by our kit and raves about it to anyone who will listen. "...Tammy Outlaw-Miller

“Jennifer and Elisabeth are truly amazing sources of information. I am very thankful to them both for offering this kit and the series of classes they offer.”
– Liberty Liscomb, Families for Conscious Living, CT

“…The kit has empowered me; I feel confident that I can care for my family’s health and well-being using this arsenal of knowledge Jen has given me. Before I had the kit, when my children were sick I would feel helpless to ease their symptoms and help their bodies heal, but now I have tools at my fingertips to help them to feel better and recover quickly. I highly recommend this kit, and I highly recommend Jennifer”…..Kate Cordick-Burns Heiser, CT, USA

Learn about the development and content of the KIT:

Please join us for our first webinar on the flower essence system developed by Edward Bach in the 1930’s. Bach was a well respected medical doctor, who was also a homeopath, a bacteriologist and an immunologist. Through his work he realized that true healing required harmony in the soul and eventually left his work in pursuit of a more elegant system.

Flower essences are an energetic medicine that works primarily on the emotions. Bach felt that disharmony in the body could be traced back to imbalances in the mind, that it was a conflict between the soul and the person’s outlook that allowed people to be vulnerable to illness. He made it his life’s work to find flowers to address any possible emotion in it’s negative aspect, which would prevent the body from expressing the imbalance. Though they are primarily considered to act on the mind, working with them clinically it has made it quite clear that using the flowers appropriately it is possible to make an impact physically as well.

We will be covering each of the 38 flower essences individually, as well as learning about the best known combination: rescue remedy which is also known as five flower formula. After the course you will be able to identify all 38, understand the differences between them and gain insight as to how they differ from one another.

Flowers are perhaps the most gentle of all our remedies. They can be used orally, topically or environmentally for adults, children, infants and pets. Some have even used them successfully in gardening. It is an extremely intuitive system that we have delighted in sharing with our clients for many years. It is our hope that you will join us in our respect and affection for this system.

The course will be held in three parts, May 18, May 25 and June 1st from 2-5pm.

3 Days: May 18, May 25, June 1 2pm-5pm EST
First 20 Registrations: $125
Prior to April 30, Early Bird Price $155
Regular Price, $175
FES Flower Remedy KIT, regular price: $240 plus $15 shipping, with webinar $25 off: $215 plus $15 shipping (email for info on placing the order)

Anyone who has taken a prior Workshop in this Series, take $10 Off the price of any workshop(3) at the time of your registration (does not apply to Three Webinar Discount).

PAYMENT & REGISTRATION is via Paypal to Please be sure to type in the notes section of paypal the following as applies to you: CELL SALTS, HOME REMEDIES or BACH FLOWERS as well as your contact info and the email address you intend to use for the webinar. The workshop will be presented on WIZIQ. Please open a free student account on You do not need a mic or headphones, but you will need the most recent version of Flash Player unless you have an iPad (please read instruction on WIZIQ for use of an iPad). Contact with any questions.

Jennifer Tow, BFA, IBCLC is the mother of three children born 1988, 1992 and 1998 born at home and raised from the premise that all life seeks its own well-being and acts in its own best interests. Primary is a trust that through the practice of raising vibrational energy we allow the body’s own intelligence to direct its own healing and restore balance. Jennifer is the owner of Intuitive Health Network in which she combines her 20 years of passionate information-gathering, learning and training in her work as an intuitive, vibrational healer, nutritional consultant, educator, mentor and lactation consultant. Jennifer is co-creator of the Sumati Home Remedy KIT. Her passion is in working with women and babies during the ears from pre-conception through early childhood as we optimize our deepest potential for well-being.

Elisabeth Taylor is certified flower essence practitioner, registered classical homeopath, nutritional advisor and ordained minister serving through Universal Ministries and the Homeopathy Congress.

Elisabeth trained as a classical homeopath through the British Institute of Homeopathy. She then the studied under the direction of Grant Bentley at the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy to learn homeopathic facial analysis which has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding and practical application of homeopathic medicine. In pursuit of her love of flower essences as a healing modality she trained directly under Rhonda Pallas Downey and was certified in the Living Flower Essence range. She also trained with David Dalton at Delta Gardens to learn the Teasel flower essence protocol which has enabled her to bring relief to many people living with Lyme disease. She currently works with several ranges of flower essences including, but not limited to: English Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, North American Flower Essences and Living Flower Essences. She holds a diploma in clinical nutrition and works as a nutritional advisor specializing in food sensitivities and therapeutic diets.

Elisabeth is the mother of three amazing, healthy children who have taught her more about healing and faith in the body’s abilities than any formal program ever could. Though she discovered homeopathic medicine and flower essences long before having children, it was because of them that she chose to pursue her degrees and certifications formally. They have provided the space for her to access her intuition and internal guidance more fully, which is something that she is passionate about teaching. She lives, practices and teaches out of Connecticut. She also runs a private training facility in partnership with her husband.

Elisabeth uses a variety of techniques to assist her clients on their journey of personal transformation. Synthesizing her knowledge of homeopathic medicine, flower essences, biochemic therapies, homotoxicology, and nutrition she find ways to support her clients in ways that makes sense to them within the context of their lives.

The Sumati Home Remedy KIT was co-developed and the project co-owned with Lynn Ofori.