Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Emerging Topics in Lactation: Theory into Practice, a 6-Week Webinar Series

I have been invited by Midwife Jennifer Rush of Circle of Life in VT, USA to offer a 6-week WEBINAR series for midwives and midwifery students (although all of the webinars were originally presented to IBCLCs and other breastfeeding supporters, physicians, doctors and birth supporters) entitled Emerging Topics in Lactation: Theory into Practice. I have provided them a group rate and am offering you the opportunity to be included. The series begins Friday May 2nd 4-10pm EST and runs each Friday thereafter for 6 weeks (ALL WEBINARS ARE AVAILABLE RECORDED FOR VIEWING AS WELL).
I have put together some of my presentations along with some brilliant presentations I have hosted from numerous other speakers. The series merges compelling new ideas in epigenetics, nutrition, the microbiome, structure and function and airway with practical applications to support the breastfeeding dyad. These webinars tap some of the most innovative thinkers from the fields of lactation, anthropology, nutrigenomics, posturology, airway dentistry, chiropractic and more to present compelling new concepts, science and research that deepens our understanding of the physiology, neurology and biochemistry of the breastfeeding relationship. The first key message is the role that birth and breastfeeding supporters have in protecting the physiologic norm through knowledge, advocacy, excellent basic skills and a thorough understanding of appropriate referral guidelines and resources. The second is that we are vastly underselling breastfeeding in that we have, to date, failed to comprehend its true imperative. When viewed though this new lens, breastfeeding's primacy becomes clear an compelling.

This course is for anyone who works with babies, birthing families or who wants to expand their knowledge base on emerging health topics. The group rate offers 35.5 hours of lectures for only $600 when paid in full by April 19, 2014. Payment plans are also available. You will not get this spectrum of in-depth, cutting edge information anywhere else. We will also have Skype Q&As with Jennifer Tow to address each of the webinar threads: epigenetics & nutrition, structure & function and clinical skills.

Here is a list of the webinars in this series:
The following are presented by me:
Keeping the Bond, Supporting Infant Competency & the Physiologic Norm
Breastfeeding: Yellow Flags/Red Flags
The Co-evolution of Humans and Microbiotia: Epigenetic Implications for Breastfeeding.
The Microbiome: Cultivating the Inner Terrain
Heal the Mother, Heal the Baby
Protecting the Microbiome: Holistc Practices to Support the Breastfeeding Dyad
Epigenetics & Maternal Gut Health: Implications for the Midline, Oral Structure,Tongue-tie and Airway Development
An Integrative Approach to Tongue-tie, Lip-tie & Breastfeeding: the Interdependent Roles of the Lactation Consultant, Surgeon & Bodyworker—presented in 2 parts in collaboration with Larry Kotlow, DDS

Presented by other speakers:
Tongue Posture: An Evolutionary Perspective, Kevin Boyd, DDS
Ontogenesis, Occlusion, Motor Patterns: A Whole Body Perspective to Breastfeeding, Mat Boule, DO, Posturologist
The History, Politics and Practice of the Lactogenic Diet, Hilary Jacobson, CH.HU.SI., C.HT.
Methylation, Tongue-tie and the Breastfeeding Dyad, Ben Lynch, ND
The Role of Bodywork in the
Treatment of the Breastfed Baby, Including Treatment as Part of an Integrative Approach to Support the Tongue-tied Baby, Sharon Vallone, DC, FICCP
Overcoming the Complex Challenges of Breastfeeding a Baby with a Cleft Lip or Palate, Alice Farrow
Nutrition for Breastfeeding: Eating for a Healthy and Happy Baby, Paul Jaminet, PhD
The Impact of Birth on Breastfeeding, Sarah Buckley, MD
Making Breast Milk the Best Milk With a Rich and Balanced Supply of Fat-Soluble Vitamins, Chris Masterjohn, PhD
A New Wellness Paradigm for Comprehensive Care of the Breastfeeding Infant that Supports Normalizing Oral Function Beginning in Infancy & Throughout the Lifetime
Part One: An Introduction to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, Joy Moeller, BS, RDH, Myofunctional Therapist
Part Two: Observation Skills for Assessment of Myofunctional Disorders in the Breastfed Infant (including tongue-tie) with Strategies for Normalizing Function, Michale C Fetzik, BSN, OMT, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist
Craniofacial Origins of Optimal Sleep & Breathing, Steven Park, MD. 

Circle of Life students will be viewing the presentation together. Anyone local is free to join them, however you have access to the webinars for 3 months from the date of the first class, so you can view the webinars on your own timeline. Classes in VT (and webinar availability) begin Friday May 2nd 4-10pm EST and each Friday thereafter for 6 weeks. Class size is limited, please register and make your payment in full now later than April 19th.

Pay in full by April 19, $600
Payment Plans initiated by April 19:
Option 1: $250 deposit, 3 monthly payments of $150 each, $700
Option 2: 6 installments: $125 each. $750. 

Please use the PayPal payment buttons to the left to register.
For all other questions/comments/concerns please email

 Some comments from attendees:
"This series has done so much to help me expand my understanding of the many things that can impact lactation and the breastfeeding dyad. I hope more and more lactation professionals and pediatric medical providers will embrace holistic education as it relates to breastfeeding. This course has been well worth the cost."

"..totally mind blowing."

"16 pages of notes. And I should have taken more!"

"Overflowing with both information and practical application, this workshop manages to pull together the macrocosm and the microcosm - the global significance of what's going on with our environment and culture, and how it is reflected in the breastfeeding dyad. This presentation is packed with one revelation after the other. Jennifer's material is profound, insightful, and accessible; any time you are able to spend with this brilliant thinker is worth liquid gold. If every lactation consultant were able to take this workshop, we would truly be on our way to transforming the world through our profession."

"Just want everyone to know about this! Thank you both for presenting."

 "This subject needs to be part of pediatric training curriculum as well as IBCLC's!"

"Great info, not easily found or heard about!"

"Joy is a pioneer in the modern era of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. She is an eagle eye for the evolutionary and anthropological changes that have occurred in her career. Please take advantage of her wealth of knowledge and her deep experiences."

 "I had no idea how synergistically fat soluble vitamins functioned. Fascinating. I always glean information from your webinars, Jennifer, that I not only can use with my clients, but also with my family. Thank you."

"Kevin's lecture was worth the whole fee. Ben's lecture was worth the whole fee."

"Wonderful information - well put together, definitely want to listen to the recording again! "

"Thank you Dr. Ben Lynch! You are A True trailblazer who is keeping up with the evolutionary curve. The information in this presentation is invaluable on so many levels." 

"..'brilliant' - I was left rather speechless. Beautifully presented talk that realising how little I know about anatomy and function. The videos and accompanying commentary were illuminating and easy to follow. The comments on listening to the baby's cry and distinguishing between terror and the baby talking, were really interesting, and could be applied to other situations as well."

"Alice Farrow's presentation should be mandatory education for everyone working with babies affected by cleft lip and palate as well as their parents. I really appreciate all the personal insight Alice provides and her attention to obstacles parents might face."