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So, What's in the KIT?

Some folks have asked me for more detail about the Sumati Home Remedy KIT, which I am actively promoting as part of my IndieGoGo Project.  I have reprinted the information on the development of the KIT here, followed by some additional information:

BIRTH OF THE KIT: One day six years ago, after a particularly hectic group in which moms were eager to have another discussion about natural healing remedies, I sat down with two friends and we made a list of all the natural healing products we had been using for years in taking care of our own families. We brainstormed, included everything we could think of, then eliminated the ones we would not consider essential if stranded indefinitely on a desert island. We eliminated the products we thought duplicated one another. What we had when we were finished was a pretty amazing Home Remedy KIT. The KIT contains approximately 40 products from homeopathic remedies, to herbs, first aid treatments and immune support. It addresses all of the common ailments you might encounter such as minor injuries, colds, headaches, stomach aches, sore throats, fevers, rashes, sunburn, insect bites and much more. Because the KIT contained the very same products we would suggest when  advising our own friends and families, we called it the Sumati (sanskrit for “good advice”) Home Remedy KIT.

In designing the KIT, we began by selecting 12 homeopathic remedies, choosing those most commonly used with children, those for common ailments such as ear aches, teething, respiratory infections, burns, wounds and injuries and those you might want while away from home. We added supplements that have acute applications, such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin D. We rounded out the selection with topical treatments such as the luxurious but supremely healing rainforest tamanu oil, two essential oils, stabilized oxygen, the amazing sangre de drago, made from a rainforest tree sap, perhaps our most versatile product--a calcium bentonite, a silver hydrosol and a soothing chest rub. Rescue remedy is included to ease emotional stress. In addition, we selected home remedies and herbs from among both Eastern and Western sources.

For example, among the topical treatments, we have included the Chinese herbal liniment zhen gu shui, (translated as "bone setting solution), which I learned to use liberally during my ten years training as a martial artist. This simple liniment can bring immediate relief to pulled and strained muscles, while also providing equally effective deep healing to torn ligaments and bruised bones, a fact to which any martial artist can attest.

From a completely different modality,  the homeopathic, anti-inflammatory ointment Traumeel is included because it can be applied liberally to bumps, bruises, scrapes, sprains and strains. The products blends 12 botanicals and 2 minerals as active ingredients, found by many to enhance the healing properties of arnica alone. It's a wonderful remedy for children, who don't tend to resist its application, such as they might with the strongly-scented zhen gu shui, which is often preferred by adults, athletes or those who fancy themselves to be! There are topical treatments for sunburn, wounds, insect bites, rashes, inflammation, scars, fungal infections and respiratory infections.

To support the immune system when the body is under stress or under viral attack, we have included supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies. From the ever-popular homeopathic remedy oscillococcinum to zinc and vitamin D, which I boost when my family is sick, to one of the most well-researched immune-supporting herbs elderberry, as well as one of my personally favorite Chinese herbs yin chiao. In addition, the workshops provide additional information on the use of a variety of common kitchen remedies, such as garlic poultices for inflammation, onion for ear infections, mustard poultices to relieve chest congestion and apple cider vinegar for any number of ailments.

The KIT, along with the information presented in the workshops/webinars is designed to be a first aid tool and first line of defense when we find ourselves contending with any manner of discomfort, injury or ailment common to our everyday lives. The information is educational in nature and is designed to provide a basic understanding of the role holistic remedies can play in maintaining physical and emotional well-being. It is not designed to replace appropriate medical care or to diagnose or treat disease. Rather, it is designed to support he body in in its innate desire to maintain well-being and restore homeostasis.

Following are some testimonials I have received about the KIT and the workshops (which are discussed more thoroughly below):

"I met Jennifer about 5 years ago, she was always caring and making sure I followed up on her suggestions so I could achieve desired results about my breastfeeding challenges. Less than two years later I went to the Home Remedies Workshop and still use the remedies in my kit, I always use it at home and it always goes with us on short and long trips. I feel blessed to know Jenn and thanks to her I belong to a Healthy Minded support group of wonderful Moms that are always supporting each other on this wonderful parenting journey, thank you Jennifer for always been there for all of us, no matter what the issue we are facing."...Deidy Hernandez-Forte, CT, USA

"I recently purchased Jen's Home Remedy Kit and took her intensive course on the use of the remedies. It has been absolutely life-changing! I use it on literally a daily basis-- for cuts and scrapes, bug bites, illnesses, stomach-aches, teething, everything imagineable! Even my medicine-loving husband swears by our kit and raves about it to anyone who will listen. "...Tammy Outlaw-Miller, CT, USA

"I took Jen and Elisabeth's Holistic Family Wellness workshop over two years ago and continue to use the irreplaceable tips on achieving and maintaining optimal health on a weekly, if not daily basis. The kit turned out to be worth it's weight in gold and makes it easy to take on my travels --I feel I have most everything I could want for any situation. I am so grateful to myself for realizing I could not possibly 'know it all' and to these ladies for teaching me to be the best caregiver possible to my kids, right here in my own home. We haven't seen or needed a doctor in more years than I can count! Many blessings upon you and all the ladies I met there and good luck in your continued business ventures :)"....Liberty C Liscomb, CT, USA

"Jen's Sumati kit is an excellent and empowering collection of products and her class teaches one how to use them. There is nothing like making the salve to put on a cut or burn, providing relief for an upset stomach, or helping one find allusive sleep. It was an excellent investment that has more than paid for itself."...Amy Farber Monticello, CT, USA

"Jen also introduced me to wonderful alternative practitioners who have been vital to our health. The holistic first aid kit I purchased from her is used constantly and my family has been amazed at what we've accomplished with alternative medicine. I've only scratched the surface of all there is to learn but with Jennifer and the network of women she has set up, I am inspired to learn more all the time. "...Cori Roy Griswold, CT, USA

I met Jennifer about a year and a half ago and she opened my eyes to my own power to heal myself and my children. I bought the full kit and since then, I’ve grown and learned so much about holistic living. This project is so exciting because it will allow her to share her knowledge and experience on such a broader scale...K Salsa, OR, USA

“…The kit has empowered me; I feel confident that I can care for my family’s health and well-being using this arsenal of knowledge Jen has given me. Before I had the kit, when my children were sick I would feel helpless to ease their symptoms and help their bodies heal, but now I have tools at my fingertips to help them to feel better and recover quickly. I highly recommend this kit, and I highly recommend Jennifer”…..Kate Cordick-Burns Heiser, CT, USA

The workshops/webinars designed to provide the knowledge and skill to effectively use the KIT and other holistic remedies and modalities are described here:

WORKSHOPS: Next, I wrote a curriculum for a full-day workshop on Home Remedies and offered the course to my clients, in combination with offering the KIT. I taught the use of simple household medicines such as garlic, onion and other kitchen herbs, as well as common products that could be purchased. The project was a resounding success. It accomplished exactly what I had hoped, allowing mothers to immediately implement the new information, rather than storing it away for future reference. In particular, having the Kit made using the remedies immediately accessible and participating in the yahoo group allowed moms to try things, ask questions and learn quickly.

I repeated the workshops, but incorporated them into a three-day series entitled Raising Children Holistically, including Nutrition and Energy Medicine. Moms loved them! They found they gained enough solid information to feel confident in taking care of their own children, in supporting one another, in educating their families and in finding the motivation to explore these topics well beyond the basics offered in the workshops. You can read reviews about the KIT and my work here. 

Now, this same series is being adapted into a 12-hour webinar series, so as to reach enough families that we may experience this ripple of parents actively engaged, intuitively connected and skillfully prepared to care well for their children as it becomes a tidal wave of self-confidence and wisdom. 

To support the KIT Projrect:

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